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Thursday, June 02, 2005

This will make you a better person

Here's the details for sponsoring a kid at Bwindi orphanage, thanks to Kate R for sending over the info...

As requested, here are the details for sponsoring orphans.

82 orphans require sponsorship, which costs $150/£90/€120 at primary level, $400/£240/€320 at secondary.
Ignatius Byamugisha
Bwindi Orphans Group
PO Box 992
Kabale - Uganda
You can pay direct to the bank account: Stanbic Bank Uganda Ltd, Kihiihi Branch, Bwindi Orphans Group a/c name. A/c no 0121072097001 and Swift code SB1CUGKX.
After whinging about my sponsored child, I had a little piccie from him waiting for me when I got home. (He's only 5 but shows real artistic talent!)

Kate R's top gorilla piccie. Awww...

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

You want gorillas? Step this way...

The photos are not in the order in which things happened, which I already cannot remember. I have dozens more and some I haven't had developed yet too. Please help yourselves if you want to copy them or whatever, mail me for more. If anyone has any good ones from the trip please forward to me and I'll put them up. I'd particularly like some of me dancing with the pygmies! Or in fact me doing anything that makes me look alarmingly cool so I can impress my mates.

The Cruella-blog and associated folks would like to congratulate Jonathan Hart on his 45th birthday...

Enjoy! Cru

Mum keepin an eye on the family

Hitchin' a ride

Sometimes the jungle is so green, its blue (no special filters used in the taking of this, or any of my piccies)

Sunbathing gorilla

Mum and baby

The silverback - 42 stone soft-hearted monster. Note colour of back...

The banana-gin brewer's kids

The local GP's office

I bet she wishes her husband would STOP taking herbal viagra!

A kid called Innocent

Feeble attempt at an arty shot

This guy has probably taken too much herbal viagra...

Kampala. How many capital cities do you know where its cool to graze your cattle in the park? Love it.

Lake Victoria. Suggestions for what nasty diseases I've caught paddling in it on a postcard please.

Do not adjust your set...that is a zebra, trust me, it's just a long way away!

View from the road

Ugandan Ikea

Paradise lodge

Joseph and his bike shop

View from outside the camp

Recovering from the gorilla trek - Jonathan, Bryan, Zafira, me, Kate R, Graham, Wendy, Steve, Martha and Diptika (behing post)


Deep inside the impenetrable forest

Kate R on the trail

Gorilla bed, note attractive dung ornamentation.

Uganda is incredibly green!

Local pygmy women dancing - I will be using this one at the nightspots of Soho soon!

Local pygmy children dancing

Butterfly pool

Frugence - my trustee porter

What a stunner

School kids *without* mobile phones

On the road

Killer scenery

At the equator something funny happens in your plug-hole. See if you can work out what it is...

Top ten places for a predictable idiot-photo: #3 The Equator.

Uganda Trip 2005

Hi all

This blog is just for my piccies and any stories or comments about my trip to Bwindi impenetrable forest (impenetrable? pah!) in Uganda, May 2005. Probably mostly piccies.

Enjoy! And when you get bored go back to the original Cruella-blog!


Useful addresses for those on the tour

Fred Kambugu - +256-77-515672/075-647791

Guides & porters in Bwindi
Name (e.g. Frugence Nahabwe, James Frank Katumusiime)
Bwindi Impenetrable National Park
P.O. Box 862
078 869599

Has anyone got the details for the orphanage and for sponsoring kids there? Send me and I'll add it.